The Power of Simcorp’s Investment Book of Record IBR

21st Simcorp is a dynamic company driven by new ideas. Its core cultural view is enabling its clients through its Investment Book of Record (IBR) to be enabled to make smarter decisions. This process happens when their clients start to have a holistic view of the complete set of actions they can choose to make or not make.

The Investment Book of Record is Simcorp’s data solution which reliably provides correct data for clients that want to make asset management possible. It hones their ability to make smarter decisions down to the second by taking into account a global view of market trends. Whatever the focus of any business, reliable data like IBR’s is the solid foundation which establishes the logical thinking process of decision makers that want to think big but also think smart.Companies are able to diversify their company’s portfolio by expanding in verticals and complexing in product’s features. They’re able to engage new markets nationally and internationally and expand and improve their sales force.Investment groups that rely on Investment Book of Record to make their asset management process more accurate, indicate this product to all companies and professionals that intend to do the same. If you are looking for new ideas and want to hone your company’s business model, then IBR is the right data product for you. You’ll be able to step back and look at your business with focused crystal clear view that will allow you to see what’s working, what’s not working and implement changes that will enhance technologies, methodologies and business strategies. Make reliable data available to all downstream applications present internally in your company by using Simcorp’s as a golden copy to feed all the downstream systems in your company. This will make your portfolio, product and various departments able to make better decisions that will be appointed and accurate and that will bring sound results as your business grows and solidifies in current as well as in new markets.

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