Impact Of Credit Score On Your Job Search

credit score job

Potential candidates are looking for employment opportunities run for credit checks. The reason for the importance of credit score in a job search is because of the mounting job applications for a single job. Employers are looking for reliable candidates for their business. Many candidates fail to understand the importance of credit scores and employment. Statistics reveal that 25% of the employees conduct credit checks on the potential candidates according to SHRM reports in 1998. In the year 2006, it was raised to 43%. Employers are choosy about their new hires and find credit score checks a crucial way to learn about the employment and financial background of the future employees.

Many companies can offer credit score check. Choose a reliable service provider like cafecredit® (official website) to learn about the credit score. What many fail to understand is that the potential employers will not learn anything about the candidate’s credit score or rating. They will get access only to information that is available in the public domain. The information the employer has access to include payment history, bankruptcies, and tax liens. The credit score checks with offer information like social security number, driver license and credit reports. These are some of the information that can be easily faked and the company can get access to the original information.

A credit score can affect the job search. Those with poor credit scores may find it difficult to find a position in the finance-oriented field like banking, financial institutions and jobs that involve handling cash or sensitive information. It is not easy for the employer to access your credit information without your knowledge. The consent form has to be signed by the candidate to get access to the information. Remember that your credit score cannot hamper your chance of getting a job but a poor credit history can result in losing a job opportunity.

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